Digital Signage For Everyone

High Quality Digital Signs are now in reach of everyone.  We make it easy by doing the work for you, with prices that won’t blow your budget. For years, high quality video display signs were only in the budget for large companies.  Not anymore! Our prices are similar to your cable TV or cellphone bill. You don’t need an IT person on staff to deal with these displays as we do the work for you.  There’s no training classes or manuals for you to read. You can pick from our menu of display content.  Its as easy as ordering from a fast food restaurant. Provide us with your logos and/or photos of your business and we’ll put the display presentation together for you. We’ll send you a sample to approve before we load it to your display....

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Digital Signage for Broadcast

High Quality Digital Signage for the Broadcast Industry.  We have signs specifically designed for your Radio Station. Lobby, DJ Booth, News Room, Cafe/Lounge, Program Director/General Manager...

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Digital Signage for Business

Tell the world about your business.  Whatever your business we have a display sign.  You don’t even need a computer wiz on staff. We configure video displays for: Real Estate, Colleges/Schools, Hotel/Hospitality Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities, Financial Institutions, Retail Stores, Executives, Building Wayfinding, And Just About Any Other Business Which Can Benefit From Video Signage.    ...

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We Are Here To Help

We are based in New York City, serving customers from Boston to Washington, DC as well as other areas by request.  We can help with your video display needs no matter how big or small.  We are here to help your radio station or business.

You can reach us at: or (646) 893-8040


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We look forward to hearing from you.

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Video screens designed for use in Radio Stations.  Each sign can be customized and branded for each radio station or broadcast group.  Yes, they can be bundled for your radio station, group or network.

Broadcast Pay-One-Price

Lobby Sprite

DJ Sprite

Newsroom Sprite

Sales Team Sprite

Staff Sprite

Sales Promotion Sprite

Hub and Spoke Radio Stations




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