Z Broadcast Pay-One-Price (Old) Sprite Media Entry Level Digital Signage for Broadcast

Sprite Media introduces a new category of Digital Signage “Pay-One-Price” for Broadcast Facilities. .

Each Sprite Media Player is owned by the customer.  Just add a television with an HDMI input and its ready to go.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Licenses
  • Stunning High Definition Video
  • Commercial Grade Media Players
  • You can use your own television or we can get you a Consumer or Professional one
  • Affordable Pricing

Sprite Media offers 4 different groups of Pay-One-Price Digital Signage.

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Product images for illustration purposes only.  Actual product may vary.

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1- Sprite Image Brand (#PBHD-SI-100BL) $975

The Sprite Image Brand is a pre-programmed stand alone player customized for your needs.  Just connect to any size of High Definition Television and it will go.  It does not require an internet connection so its perfect for branding at remote broadcasts, trade shows or anywhere.  Its also a great addition to your On Air Studio, Webcasts, Lobby or Conference room.  The player is commercial grade for years of reliable service. When connected to its own hub, just bring up the “Sprite Command Page” on your smartphone, tablet or computer and you now have the ability to change the title, slogan, background and fonts.  No difficult programming to learn!

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2- Sprite Clock $1,050

The Sprite Clock is a self setting accurate clock which gets its time signal from network time protocol (NTP) through the internet.  Its easy to see, looks great and has your branding.  No need to buy the expensive master clock system which hasn’t changed in decades.  A multi-time zone clock with the time zones you choose is also available.  This would look great in your on air studio, newsroom, conference room or webcast studio.  Once connected to your internet its up and running.

4K Model only $100 more!

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Sprite Big Clock

Sprite Multi-Time Zone Clock

3- Sprite Interactive $1,200

The Sprite Interactive screens will certainly help your workflow.  We offer several models including Welcome, Newsroom and Sales Team.  These screens operate securely on your intranet behind your firewall on its own independent network.  Once you are connected to the same network as the sign you will be able to update easily using tablet, computer or smart phone.  No programming knowledge is necessary just fill in the blanks.

4K Model only $100 more!

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Sprite Interactive Welcome

Sprite Interactive Sales Team


Sprite Interactive Newsroom

4- Sprite Banner $1,395

Brand your TV feed.  Just plug your HDMI video from your TV tuner, camera or other source into the media player.  The video will scale to proper size which will allow you to add branding, sponsorships and messages.  The video feed can be used to display on a television or to feed distribution or webcasts

4K Model only $100 more!

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