Business Pay-One-Price Sprite Media Entry Level Digital Signage for Business

Sprite Media introduces “Pay-One-Price” for Businesses

Each Sprite Media Player is owned by the customer.  Just add a television with an HDMI input and its ready to go.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Licenses
  • Stunning High Definition Video
  • Commercial Grade Media Players
  • You can use your own television or we can get you a consumer or professional one
  • Affordable Pricing

1- Sprite Corporate Welcome (#PCHD-IW-100L) $1,200

Just what your Lobby needs.  Welcome guests with their names in lights.

Style 1

(Click here for more information about Sprite Corporate Welcome)

2- Sprite Building Directory (#PCHD-IB-100B) $1,200

Help visitors find their way with easy to read sharp looking displays.

Style 5 Portrait

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