Frequently Asked Questions:

-What do we need to get started?

Sprite Media will supply you with a preconfigured media server for each individual screen (HD Television).  You will supply a connection to your internet either through direct ethernet cable or wi-fi.  You can supply your own HD Television (with at least 1 HDMI input) or we can assist you in obtaining a good quality TV.  We will need an ordinary 120 volt outlet to plug in the Sprite Media Player.

-How does Sprite Media save me money versus putting together my own digital signage?

You can literally spend many thousands on video signage equipment.  You would also need someone to spend countless hours configuring and maintaining the equipment.  Most basic digital signage products are not “live” as they don’t update real-time information.  There are also on going software licenses.

-Why do I need Sprite Media, can’t I put together a PowerPoint Presentation?

Anyone can put together a PowerPoint presentation as a display.  Keep in mind, you will need a computer to use as your media player.  Is it a new computer?  How much did that cost?  Is it an old computer?  Can it do High Definition Video  How does that video look?  A PowerPoint presentation doesn’t have any live information.  The video also has a “telltale jittery look”.  Do you have someone on staff to do the updates?  When you want to take it to the next level with sharp High Definition graphics and live information you’ll need to go with Sprite Media.

-What’s the difference between Sprite Media and the other “Sign Guys” out there?

We are not “sign guys” like the others.  We are broadcasters with Radio and Television engineering and production backgrounds.  Our signs are built on professional Television standards.  We also don’t try to talk you into buying very expensive signage displays.  We help you set up displays on HD Televisions and you save $$$$.

-What are the available outputs from your Sprite Media Server?

We can provide either 720p or 1080p from our servers.  We can also provide custom outputs up to 4K if needed.

-Would the HD Televisions need to be mounted horizontally or can we have a vertical display?

The Sprite Media Server is able to produce video for both horizontally and vertically mounted TVs.

-My Radio Station uses a news service.  Can we have our news service scroll across our digital signs?

Sure, we can scroll or display any service which has an available RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed.

-We have photos, videos, and presentations for our webpage.  Can you put them on our digital signs?

Absolutely, we can put most types of media on digital signs.  We can even put together audio/video presentations for you or tie the sign directly to your webpage.

-What types of payments does Sprite Media accept?

We accept payment by check, Master Card, Visa and American Express and Discover