What We Do

What We Do

Sprite Media provides digital signage and video products for broadcasters and other businesses.  We are broadcasters and understand the needs of the industry.  We make it easy and affordable.

Digital signage is everywhere now.  You see them in hotels, banks, stores and restaurants.  The equipment required for these signs can be costly.  To configure the video can be difficult and very time consuming.  Sprite Media does the heavy lifting for you.  We provide media servers which are configured to your needs.  There’s no big investment as we supply the servers at low monthly fees.  These media servers can be connected to any high definition television which you can get on sale at any local electronics store.  We don’t try to sell you overpriced video monitors, so you save money.  Of course we can recommend and help you to obtain these screens.

Your business can take advantage of sales opportunities as the screens may be branded.  Since we are TV people we can provide video at a television network level as compared with generic signage software.  We take care of software and content licensing.

You can provide us with logos in various formats (.jpg, .png, bmp) along with any promotional video and we will put it together for you.  We can even put together a presentation of your station.  This can be information on your dayparts, history of your station or anything you can imagine.

We can even schedule your content to be available on specific weekdays and/or weekend days and specific times during the day.  We can also schedule timely information.  There is nothing worse than out of date content on your displays.  Who wants to see a Holiday Party announcement in June?