Manager Sprites Sprite Media Digital Signage For Managers

This screen would be customized for a manager’s office.  It may include news, weather, sports, schedules and photo albums.  It would contain anything relevant to the manager’s position.

More detail of each sign when you scroll down.

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1- Manager Black & White Sprite © (#SUMB1001)

Be informed, be productive!  Give your office the high tech look that it should have.  Your events calendar and “To Do List” are front and center with the Manager Sprite.

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  • Manager’s Name & Title
  • Accurate clock & calendar
  • Multi-time zone clocks
  • “Today’s Events” with app editing
  • White Board “To Do List” with app editing
  • Ability to share events and other white board items with other displays
  • Live weather
  • Live news
  • App photo album
  • News scroller
  • Smartphone scannable business card