Sprite Brand Sprite Media One Time Purchase For Branding

-Sprite Brand© (#PBHD-SI-100BL)

Pay-One-Price $975

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Licenses
  • Stunning High Definition Video
  • Commercial Grade Media Players
  • You can use your own television or we can get you a consumer or professional one

The Sprite Brand is an easy to use, high quality digital signage player that lets you display your company name, logo, and slogan wherever and whenever you need it.  Sprite Media will custom configure a high definition media player for you.  Just connect to any size of High Definition Television and it will go.  It does not require an internet connection so its perfect for branding at remote broadcasts, trade shows or anywhere.  Its also a great addition to your On Air Studio, Webcasts, Lobby or Conference room.  The player is commercial grade for years of reliable service. When connected to its own hub, just bring up the “Sprite Command Page” on your smartphone, tablet or computer and you now have the ability to change the title, slogan, background and fonts.  No difficult programming to learn!

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(click below for sample stream of Sprite Brand Background 1 Font 1)

Easily make changes to your Sprite Brand with the “Sprite Command Page”

Sprite Command Page

Sprite Media Player

  • High quality, commercial grade
  • The same player used in business, stadiums and arenas all over the world
  • Purpose built – ultra thin
  • Low power requirements – won’t overheat
  • No moving parts
  • Highly reliable no-PC, little to no maintenance, failure rate under 0.25%
  • Powerful video engine