Sprite Building Directory Sprite Media One Time Purchase For Building Directory

-Sprite Building Directory© (#PCHD-IB-100B)

Pay-One-Price $1,200

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Licenses
  • Stunning High Definition Video
  • Commercial Grade Media Players
  • You can use your own television or we can get you a consumer or professional one

Is your building directory current?

Whenever a tenant moves in or moves out how long does it take for you to change you building directory?  How much does it cost for the engraving?  You need a Sprite Building Directory.  Buy it once and you are set for years to come.  Easily make changes in minutes instead of weeks.  The display includes spaces for up to 30 tenants and offices.  The Sprite Building Directory is an easy-to use, high quality digital signage player that lets you display your building name, welcome message and management message.

The Sprite Media Player provides six digital display options in one package.  Choose from 3 landscape and 3 portrait options.

(click picture to enlarge)

(click below for demo of 6 streams of Sprite Building Directory)

Easily make changes to your Sprite Building Directory with the “Sprite Command Page”

Sprite Media Command Page

Sprite Media Player

  • High quality commercial grade
  • The same player used in businesses, stadium and arenas all over the world
  • Purpose built – ultra thin
  • Low power requirements – won’t overheat
  • No moving parts
  • Highly reliable no-PC, little to no maintenance, failure rate under 0.25%
  • Powerful video engine